July 15, 2005
Why Didn't I Know This?

  • I've been hearing talk of a new sex tape out! Ever since Paris' sex tape with Rick Solman came out I have been awaiting patietly for a new one. And finally, thanks to Colin Farrell and his former girlfriend Nicole Narain, we have a new one. Problem? Yes, there is one. Where is it at? I keep hearing talk about about, but I'm seeing nothing.
  • Is Jessica and Nick really divorcing? I'm not sure what to believe. I don't think Jessica would leave Nick to marry Johnny Knoxville (is that his real name?). Anything is possible nowadays...
  • Did you know Mandy Moore and Zach Braff were ever going out? I had no idea. They wouldn't look like a good couple ot me, but how come I didn't know? Oh well, they already broke up and i'm the last to know that they were even going out.
  • Wow, it never striked me that "Maybe Leann Rimes likes to go shopping for porn!" That is the last place I would ever think of seeing her. I actually never think of seeing her...anywhere.
  • So I read online last night some story about Andy Milonakis, you know, that chubby kid on MTV that was given his own show. It never hit me that he was really older than me. REALLY older than me! He's 27! That's a shocker! That's creepy. It's probably all I will think about when I see that show.

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