July 18, 2005
Out on the Town.

  • Looks like Nicole has been out and about. She is not only giving money to the homeless, but she is also taking pictures with cops after witnessing a car crash. How nice!
  • Did anyone catch TRL the other day. Billy Bob Thorton was was on promoting his new re-make The Bad News Bears. Vanessa Mannillo really scared me. i'd never thought i'd see her in a jock strap next to Billy Bob Thorton holding some balls.

  • Jessica Simpson is running around with a friend and... a bodygaurd? I guess Nick isn't enough protection.

  • I guess Jessica needs a hug too. Wonder why...?

  • Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller! Why would you do that....with the nanny? At least the nanny wasn't old- only 26. I thought she was 60 or something. Anyway, Jude apologized. Everybody's happy. Hopefully.

Joel blogged @ 7/18/2005 06:11:00 PM

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