July 17, 2005
Newlywed Celebrity Couple!

  • Sandra Bullock and reality TV show "Garage" star Jesse James (outlaw?) have been married! I think it would be a great time for me to call them one of those couple names like Bennifer or TomKat. Let's see...Jessandra? Sansse? Bullmes? Jullock? I'm not sure which one sounds best, but I do sort of like Sansse and Jullock. Whatever, it's not like we'll ever use it.
  • Apparently Patrizio Bertelli, Prada's chief executive, is really one of those nightmare bosses. You know, the ones you would never want to work for and dread that one day you might...Well, a few years ago he beat the windshield of an employee's car because it wasn't silver (it was the only colored allowed). Also, employee's were told never to gaze at him and don't start conversation. Oh, and did I mention he has pictures taken (secretly) to see what employees are wearing? Creepy! The Prada spokeslady said, "I really have no comment because I've never heard of this before. I'm certain that they are not true." Yeah, and I'm certain Bertelli would beat you with a hockey stick you said it was true. Article via Page Six
  • Quote from Scarlett Johanson: "I don't believe movies should deliver messages. After you've paid 10 bucks to see it - 15 bucks with popcorn - you just want to be entertained." This is the reason why we have such crappy movies.
  • Mischa Barton has gotten a new man! I have no idea who he is. I really don't care much either.

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