July 21, 2005
Let's adopt Children!
  • We finally get to see Angelina new baby she adopted, Zahara. She hails from Africa and she is pretty lucky. Why does she get Angelina Jolie as a mother (and Brad Pitt possibly as a father?)
  • Don't you just think bugs are the sexiest things? Nicole Richie thinks so, or else she would'nt have such big sunglasses. Looks like the Gap needs some extra big fly swatters.
  • Dang!Jack Osbourne looks skinny! That's wierd. Enough said.
  • Lindsay likes to give the paparazzi car cleaning wipes! She wants the paparazzi to have nice clean cars to hit her with in a race to take her picture. She's so nice!
  • Halle Barry has been shopping recetly for a...wire mesh gate. Interseting
  • Well, looks like there will be no colin Farrell sex tape. He such a party pooper.
  • And in other sex news, Sienna Miller is REALLY upset with the whole "Jude cheated on me with the nanny of his children" ordeal. I would be mad too! At least this is a reason for her to break-up with him and go out with me.

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