July 14, 2005
The Internet: A Wonderland.

  • Yes! I found the Mariah pictures! I love the technology of today. Doesn't Mariah look so happy in these pictures? Pitures via Hollywood Rag.
  • It looks like Rob Thomas doesn't want anything to do with Tom Cruise (In or out of bed). He denies sleeping with Tom Cruise and also denies being a scientologist. I would do the same and so should Katie Holmes.
  • Wow! Brad Pitt had viral-menangitis! What's that? I think I just got a shot for that recently. I wonder how he got it...Maybe God is not happy with his hair color.
  • Some cashier at a grocery store said to Julia Stiles "Whatever. You stank. Your dance movie was corny." That's what you get Miss Cranky Stiles.
  • Has anyone noticed that Hilary Duff's teeth look different lately? She sort-of looks like a horse. She need to get that fixed.
  • I hear that Paris and Nicole might be friends again. I hope so. They're so hot. I rather Nicole come back to the Simple Life rather than replace her with Kimberly Stewart. They would lose ratings if she came on.
  • Ah-ha! Sources say that Christina Aguilara really "sliced her tendons" (ugh!) at him on some glass. Is Page Six lying to us again?

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