July 13, 2005
I miss Everything Don't I?

  • Why couldn't I be in Germany? I could have seen Mariah Carey's boobies flash the audience on some German TV. I missed it when Janet Jackson's boob popped out at the superbowl. Oh well, I'll probably find pictures of it on the internet.
  • Now I know why Christina Aguilara has that cast on! She got in a fight with a drunk fan. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. Those drunk fans can really "slice your tendons." Ugh! That sounds nasty.
  • Yes! There is a God! Mischa Barton and her dumb-oily looking boyfriend Brandon Davis have finally broke up. I was tired of looking at him.
  • Speaking of tired of looking at people, Mary-Kate Olsen's huge (compared to her) boyfriend annoys me. I hope it doesn't last. I heard he's a Greek shipping heir...He needs to ship himself back to Greece where he belongs. His hair looks a little greasy too.
  • Have you noticed that Nicole Richie looks sort-of like a bug with those sunglasses on? Someone needs to whack those sunglasses off of her and give her some new smaller ones.
  • TomKat makes me sick. Really sick. I can't even believe that she has to follow Tom wherever he goes, even if it's the Tiber River in Rome for the shooting of Mission Impossiple 3. Katie has definitely been brainwashed and given some crazy vitamins from the scientologist'. Did you notice she has really big glasses on?

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