July 27, 2005
Everyone Loves a Topless Celebrity!
  • Sorry! I havn't posted in a while. I don't know whats wrong with me. Well, maybe I do, I'm just not telling what it is. Since I've been "gone" for a few days, I'll give you something extra special...
  • Liz Hurley: I loved you from the first time I saw you. I still love. And your breast are pretty saggy, or at least they seem that way.Pictures via A Socialite's Life.
  • I swear that homless guy that posed with Mariah Carey, really gets around. Pictures via Arrase ao lado do Mendigo
  • Paris Hilton with a wig: Great photo. Paris Hilton with a t-shirt that has a wierd head on it: Bad Photo.
  • I know you've seen these pictures...but who doesn't love Nicole Richie. I had to have something about her. Too bad she didn't go topless.
  • I love it. It captures Hilary perfectly. I do wish nothing would capture Hilary Duff as long as she has those horse teeth veneers. Blah!
  • Drew Barrymore is so original. I don't know any other celebrity that takes pictures of the paparazzi. Mostly celebs just hit them or throw milkshakes at them (Mrs.Britney Spears!).

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July 21, 2005
Let's adopt Children!
  • We finally get to see Angelina new baby she adopted, Zahara. She hails from Africa and she is pretty lucky. Why does she get Angelina Jolie as a mother (and Brad Pitt possibly as a father?)
  • Don't you just think bugs are the sexiest things? Nicole Richie thinks so, or else she would'nt have such big sunglasses. Looks like the Gap needs some extra big fly swatters.
  • Dang!Jack Osbourne looks skinny! That's wierd. Enough said.
  • Lindsay likes to give the paparazzi car cleaning wipes! She wants the paparazzi to have nice clean cars to hit her with in a race to take her picture. She's so nice!
  • Halle Barry has been shopping recetly for a...wire mesh gate. Interseting
  • Well, looks like there will be no colin Farrell sex tape. He such a party pooper.
  • And in other sex news, Sienna Miller is REALLY upset with the whole "Jude cheated on me with the nanny of his children" ordeal. I would be mad too! At least this is a reason for her to break-up with him and go out with me.

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July 18, 2005
Out on the Town.

  • Looks like Nicole has been out and about. She is not only giving money to the homeless, but she is also taking pictures with cops after witnessing a car crash. How nice!
  • Did anyone catch TRL the other day. Billy Bob Thorton was was on promoting his new re-make The Bad News Bears. Vanessa Mannillo really scared me. i'd never thought i'd see her in a jock strap next to Billy Bob Thorton holding some balls.

  • Jessica Simpson is running around with a friend and... a bodygaurd? I guess Nick isn't enough protection.

  • I guess Jessica needs a hug too. Wonder why...?

  • Jude Law cheated on Sienna Miller! Why would you do that....with the nanny? At least the nanny wasn't old- only 26. I thought she was 60 or something. Anyway, Jude apologized. Everybody's happy. Hopefully.

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July 17, 2005
Newlywed Celebrity Couple!

  • Sandra Bullock and reality TV show "Garage" star Jesse James (outlaw?) have been married! I think it would be a great time for me to call them one of those couple names like Bennifer or TomKat. Let's see...Jessandra? Sansse? Bullmes? Jullock? I'm not sure which one sounds best, but I do sort of like Sansse and Jullock. Whatever, it's not like we'll ever use it.
  • Apparently Patrizio Bertelli, Prada's chief executive, is really one of those nightmare bosses. You know, the ones you would never want to work for and dread that one day you might...Well, a few years ago he beat the windshield of an employee's car because it wasn't silver (it was the only colored allowed). Also, employee's were told never to gaze at him and don't start conversation. Oh, and did I mention he has pictures taken (secretly) to see what employees are wearing? Creepy! The Prada spokeslady said, "I really have no comment because I've never heard of this before. I'm certain that they are not true." Yeah, and I'm certain Bertelli would beat you with a hockey stick you said it was true. Article via Page Six
  • Quote from Scarlett Johanson: "I don't believe movies should deliver messages. After you've paid 10 bucks to see it - 15 bucks with popcorn - you just want to be entertained." This is the reason why we have such crappy movies.
  • Mischa Barton has gotten a new man! I have no idea who he is. I really don't care much either.

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July 15, 2005
Why Didn't I Know This?

  • I've been hearing talk of a new sex tape out! Ever since Paris' sex tape with Rick Solman came out I have been awaiting patietly for a new one. And finally, thanks to Colin Farrell and his former girlfriend Nicole Narain, we have a new one. Problem? Yes, there is one. Where is it at? I keep hearing talk about about, but I'm seeing nothing.
  • Is Jessica and Nick really divorcing? I'm not sure what to believe. I don't think Jessica would leave Nick to marry Johnny Knoxville (is that his real name?). Anything is possible nowadays...
  • Did you know Mandy Moore and Zach Braff were ever going out? I had no idea. They wouldn't look like a good couple ot me, but how come I didn't know? Oh well, they already broke up and i'm the last to know that they were even going out.
  • Wow, it never striked me that "Maybe Leann Rimes likes to go shopping for porn!" That is the last place I would ever think of seeing her. I actually never think of seeing her...anywhere.
  • So I read online last night some story about Andy Milonakis, you know, that chubby kid on MTV that was given his own show. It never hit me that he was really older than me. REALLY older than me! He's 27! That's a shocker! That's creepy. It's probably all I will think about when I see that show.

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July 14, 2005
The Internet: A Wonderland.

  • Yes! I found the Mariah pictures! I love the technology of today. Doesn't Mariah look so happy in these pictures? Pitures via Hollywood Rag.
  • It looks like Rob Thomas doesn't want anything to do with Tom Cruise (In or out of bed). He denies sleeping with Tom Cruise and also denies being a scientologist. I would do the same and so should Katie Holmes.
  • Wow! Brad Pitt had viral-menangitis! What's that? I think I just got a shot for that recently. I wonder how he got it...Maybe God is not happy with his hair color.
  • Some cashier at a grocery store said to Julia Stiles "Whatever. You stank. Your dance movie was corny." That's what you get Miss Cranky Stiles.
  • Has anyone noticed that Hilary Duff's teeth look different lately? She sort-of looks like a horse. She need to get that fixed.
  • I hear that Paris and Nicole might be friends again. I hope so. They're so hot. I rather Nicole come back to the Simple Life rather than replace her with Kimberly Stewart. They would lose ratings if she came on.
  • Ah-ha! Sources say that Christina Aguilara really "sliced her tendons" (ugh!) at him on some glass. Is Page Six lying to us again?

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July 13, 2005
I miss Everything Don't I?

  • Why couldn't I be in Germany? I could have seen Mariah Carey's boobies flash the audience on some German TV. I missed it when Janet Jackson's boob popped out at the superbowl. Oh well, I'll probably find pictures of it on the internet.
  • Now I know why Christina Aguilara has that cast on! She got in a fight with a drunk fan. Yeah, that happens to me all the time. Those drunk fans can really "slice your tendons." Ugh! That sounds nasty.
  • Yes! There is a God! Mischa Barton and her dumb-oily looking boyfriend Brandon Davis have finally broke up. I was tired of looking at him.
  • Speaking of tired of looking at people, Mary-Kate Olsen's huge (compared to her) boyfriend annoys me. I hope it doesn't last. I heard he's a Greek shipping heir...He needs to ship himself back to Greece where he belongs. His hair looks a little greasy too.
  • Have you noticed that Nicole Richie looks sort-of like a bug with those sunglasses on? Someone needs to whack those sunglasses off of her and give her some new smaller ones.
  • TomKat makes me sick. Really sick. I can't even believe that she has to follow Tom wherever he goes, even if it's the Tiber River in Rome for the shooting of Mission Impossiple 3. Katie has definitely been brainwashed and given some crazy vitamins from the scientologist'. Did you notice she has really big glasses on?

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July 12, 2005
Hooray: My first blog entry!
That's right! Here I am. Here is my blog. I might as well start with some news and pictures and stuff...

Guess who's birthday it is today... that's right! Bill Cosby (a.k.a. Strawberry Jello) is turning 68. Dang! He's old. Does he still do those jell-o commercials?

Tiffani Thiessen got married! Ya, Married! What really surprised me is that she doesn't go by Tiffani Amber Thiessen anymore. That's stupid. Has anyone told her that's stupid yet?

In other news, Mary-Kate Olsen loves to play with little dogies! She likes big dogs, little dogs, white dogs, black dogs, and other bitches. At least now we know she not prejudice and she's a dog lover. Has anyone seen the pictures of her boyfriend?

I'm sure that you've seen the nasty pictures of that old guy Robert Altman and Lindsay Lonhan. i'm not exactly sure why his dirty old hands are around that boney leg, but whatever.

Soooooo, that's pretty much it for today. I'll have more stuff tomorrow. Hopefully. It's not like anyone's going to read this anyway.

Joel blogged @ 7/12/2005 03:10:00 PM

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